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Contact details for Registered Migration Agents

Mobile Phone/Text: + 61 (0) 413 124 717

E-mail: 457assistance@gmail.com

Parsa Shahbandi
MARN 0601147
Fred Molloy
MARN 0853698
Anthony Ross
MARN 0317382


The IRMAP document is for clients of Migration Agents. It provides information about the migration advice profession, the functions of the Office of the MARA, the legislation regulating the profession, what a client can reasonably expect from a migration agent and complaint procedures.

See: Information about the Migration Advice Profession

Code of Conduct

Information on the Code of Conduct for the Australian Migration Advice Profession.

See: Code of Conduct

Immigration Assistance

457 Assistance

In Australia a person may only lawfully give immigration assistance if he or she is a registered migration agent or is exempt from being registered. Only registered migration agents may receive a fee or reward for providing immigration assistance.

If an unregistered person in Australia, who is not exempt from registration, gives you immigration assistance they are committing a criminal offence and may be prosecuted.

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Parsa Shahbandi LLB GDLP Lawyer MARN 0601147

Fred Molloy MARN 0853698

Australian Head Office Phone/Text: +61 (0) 413 124 717

Email Us: 457assistance@gmail.com

We can have someone contact you by email, phone, Skype and in person meetings by appointment.

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